appropriation, n.

1. The exercise of control over property; a taking of possession. Cf. EXPROPRIATION; MI-SAPPROPRIATION.

2. A legislative body’s act of setting aside a sum of money for a public purpose. • If the sum is earmarked for a precise or limited purpose, it is sometimes called a specific appropriation. [Cases: States 129. C.J.S. States §§ 230, 232.]

3. The sum of money so voted.

4. Torts. An invasion of privacy whereby one person takes the name or likeness of another for commercial gain. [Cases: Torts 8.5(6). C.J.S. Right of Pri-vacy and Publicity §§ 9–16, 40–43, 45.]

5. The transfer of a benefice, together with all its interests, to a spiritual corporation. See spiritual corporation under CORPORATION. Cf. IMPROPRIATION.

6. The benefice so transferred. — appropriate, vb. — appropriable, adj. — appropriator, n.