content-valid test. A job-applicant examination that bears a close relationship to the skills required by the job. • Content-validation studies are often performed in employment-discrimination cases that contest the validity of an examination. [Cases: Civil Rights 1142, 1546. C.J.S. Civil Rights §§ 29, 144, 170.]

“The simplest form of test validation is where the test replicates major portions of the job, as for example, where a test measuring typing or computer literacy is used to select a secretarial support person …. A content valid test must measure or replicate a ‘representative sample’ of the job’s duties. It is not valid if it measures only a small portion of those duties. For example, fire fighters may need to write reports, but a grammar test is too narrow to be content valid.” Mack A. Player, Federal Law of Employment Discrimination in a Nutshell 101 (3d ed. 1992).