quorum, n. Parliamentary law. The minimum number of members (usu. a majority of all the members) who must be present for a deliberative assembly to legally transact business. Pl. quorums.[Cases: Courts 101. C.J.S. Courts § 137.]

constituency-based quorum. See interest-based quorum.

disappearing quorum. A quorum whose presence may be more presumptive than actual. See presumption of a quorum under PRESUMPTION.

interest-based quorum. A quorum determined according to the presence or representation of various constituencies.

— Also termed constituency-based quorum.

notice-based quorum. A quorum determined according to how far in advance of the meeting its call was circulated. • Under a notice-based quorum, the later the call gets sent out, the larger the quorum grows.

proportional quorum. A quorum calculated with reference to some defined or assumed set, usu. either the number of seats (including vacancies) or the number of sitting members (excluding vacancies).

registration-based quorum. A quorum determined according to how many members have checked in at the meeting, either at some fixed time or throughout the time since the meeting began.