delivery note和delivery order的区别和翻译

        delivery notedelivery order这两个词组看上去很相似,但却蕴含这几乎完全不同的法律含义。大家在翻译这两个词的时候千万不要搞混,一字之差,就会引起严重的法律后果。

       1. delivery note – 是指送出的货物到达后,由收货人签署过的送货通知,常用于通常的交接货上,一般译为“交货回单”或“送货回执”。

       2. delivery order – 指货主或其授权代理人签发给货物持有人(比如仓库)指示货物持有人将货物交给指定的当事人的一种书面指示,因此一般译成“交货单”、“出货单”、“提货单”或者“栈单”,它是将货物提走的法律凭据。


        shipping adviceshipping instructions

        shipping advice 是“装运通知”,是由出口商(卖主)发给进口商(买主)的。然而 shipping instructions 则是“装运须知”,是进口商(买主)发给出口商(卖主)的。

        vendor(卖主)与 vendee(买主),consignor(发货人)与 consignee(收货人)。      


      1. delivery note – Document accompanying a shipment of goods that lists the description, grade, and quantity of the goods delivered. A copy of the delivery note, signed by the buyer or consignee, is returned to the seller or consignor as a proof of delivery.

      2.  delivery order – 

           a. In freight-prepaid shipments, written directions from a consignor (or shipper) of a shipment to a carrier or freight forwarder to release the shipment to the named delivery party.

          b. In freight-collect (free on board) shipments, order by a carrier to the port authorities to release a shipment to the named delivery party on payment of the specified freight charges. Not to be confused with delivery instructions document which pertains to inland transportation.