prosecute, prosecutor, public prosecutor及procuratorate的用法


(1) to commence and carry out a legal action,即发动或提起法律诉讼,例如:Because the plaintiff failed to prosecute its contractual claims, the court dismissed the suit;

(2) to institute and pursue a criminal action against (a person), 即对某人提起刑事诉讼,例如:The notorious felon has been prosecuted in seven states. (Black’s Law Dictionary. 8th ed. )可见本次的用法不仅限于刑事诉讼中的起诉,还可用于民事诉讼的提起。


(1) a legal officer who represents the state or federal government in criminal proceedings, 即刑事诉讼中的代表国家提出检控的检察官。

(2) a private person who institutes and carries on a legal action, esp. a criminal action. (Black’s Law Dictionary. 8th ed. )可见该词也可用于指提起诉讼的个人。因此,但欲表达“公诉人”、“检察官”时,宜用public prosecutor.

Procuratorate一词在英美法律英语中无处觅得,在中国则用People’s Procuratorate来表示“人民检察院”。