在车展上,新CEO Robert向Harvey透露了他只打算保留品牌而卖掉工厂的计划,Harvey为何觉得他毁掉了摇钱树?


HARVEY: The asset’s not the name. It’s the quality. He moves overseas, it’s gonna kill the goose that laid the goddamn golden engine.


  • formula one 一级方程式赛车
  • put your name with a face 把你的名字和长相对上号。当我们记得某人的样子但想不起他的名字时,我们可以用I know we’ve met but I just can’t put a name with a face。
  • up top 击掌庆祝
  • labor negotiations 劳资谈判
  • take a hit 遭受打击
  • poise the company to 使公司能够…;注:poise不是poison
  • straight with sb. 与某人坦诚相见
  • lessee 承租人
  • parent company 母公司
  • flagship 旗舰
  • up front payout 预先支付
  • kill the goose that lays the golden eggs 毁掉摇钱树;杀鸡取卵;只顾眼前利益,不顾长远利益。这里的lay是指产卵,而不是睡在金蛋上。这个成语出自《伊索寓言》(Aesop’s Fable)。与中文还是比较接近。故事是一个农夫意外得到一只会下金蛋的鹅,于是靠着这鹅每天下一个金蛋来生活,但是日子一长,农夫开始变得越来越贪心,不满足于每天一只金蛋,他想要一次得到所有金蛋,结果他杀了鹅,却什么也没得到,更惨的是永远的失去了这只会下金蛋的鹅。
  • bylaws 公司章程






    1. Glad you showed up.
      Oh, hey. I’m sorry. I was just…
      Shut up. Listen. You see these cars?
      Yeah. They’re awesome.
      They suck. They’re nothing compared to this. The engine in this car is made by McKernon Motors, the industry standard in formula one. In fact, they’ve won more championships than any other engine on the planet.
      How do you know all this?
      Avery McKernon was the first client I ever brought into the firm.
      – Was?
      – He died three months ago. Oh, God. I’m so sorry…
      Not the point. McKernon’s engines and his company have something in common… They win, like me. And because I win, I’ve been promoted to senior partner, which means you’ll be handling all their paperwork.
      Oh, so you brought me here to give me an appreciation for the product.
      No, I brought you here to meet Robert Stensland, the new CEO. He’ll want to put your name with a face.
      How do you know?
      Because Robert’s a tightwad, and we don’t bill you out for nothing.
      Wait a minute. Is this conversation right now billable?
      You bet your ass it is.
      Yes. Up top. Come on. What? We’re making all this money. We can’t celebrate it?
      Not in poor taste. Dominic. Mike, I’d like you to meet Dominic Barone, the man responsible for the design and production of this engine. This is my new associate, Mike Ross.
      He’s just a kid. Are you trying to steal his soul before he hits puberty?
      Okay, obviously…
      You’re still upset about our labor negotiations.
      My… My workers took a big hit.
      And McKernon took a bigger one. Both of which poised the company to be strong for years. I was always straight with you about that.
      Sophisticated words for a guy who screwed us.
      Look, I’m sorry you feel that way, but you have to admit, I did have the courtesy to do it from the front.
      Wow. Yeah, he really appreciates what you’ve done for the company.
      Robert Stensland, I’d like you to meet your new associate, Mike Ross.
      We’re not paying him what we pay you.
      Nor should you, but I assure you he’s highly effective.
      Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.
      I had him read your corporate lease last week. Ask him anything.
      That’s a 300-page document.
      Okay, what are the terms?
      Okay, I have no idea what you’re talking about.
      The named lessee was the parent company, Glendon Enterprises.
      35,000 square feet at 19 west 57th. $80 a foot. Expires in six months with an option to extend. Exercisable in 30 days.
      – Who signed the lease?
      – You did.
      – What’s my middle name?
      – The letter “L.”
      What happens in the event the company no longer exists?
      That wasn’t in the lease.
      How can you be sure?
      Because the lease I read wasn’t 300 pages. It was 364. And I can tell you what’s on any one of those pages, but I can’t tell you that. That’s how I can be sure.
      Excellent. You can get him started on the new deal right away.
      – New deal?
      – Yeah. I have found a buyer willing to spend $200 million for the ground underneath the flagship factory.
      Where are you moving manufacturing?
      Well, that’s the beauty of it. The real asset of McKernon Motors is the name. We move overseas, we save ourselves a bundle.
      Up front payout while retaining the name and maintaining cash flow over time. That’s genius.
      All right, we’ll take care of everything.
      – Okay. –
      All right.
      – Thanks.
      – Really?
      Jesus. I knew he was cheap. I didn’t realize he was an idiot.
      What are you talking about?
      The asset’s not the name. It’s the quality. He moves overseas, it’s gonna kill the goose that laid the goddamn golden engine.
      Wait a minute. I thought you didn’t get emotionally attached to the client.
      I’m emotionally attached to me.
      Look, I made a bet that this company would grow and my billables would grow with it. We’re holding a pair of aces, and this asshole’s trying to fold.
      So? What are you gonna do?
      I’m not gonna do anything.
      You’re gonna go through those bylaws, and you’re gonna find me a way to get rid of Robert Stensland.
      No, no, no, no. I have to go see my grandmother. – Uh-uh.
      – Is she dying?
      No. Cancel on her. Yeah.