案件case案件发回remand/rimit a case 案件名称title of a case案卷材料materials in the case案情陈述书statement of case案外


案件发回remand/rimit a case

案件名称title of a case

案卷材料materials in the case

案情陈述书statement of case

案外人person other than involved in the case

案值total value involved in the case

败诉方losing party

办案人员personnel handling a case

保全措施申请书application for protective measures

报案report a case

被告defendant; the accused

被告人最后陈述final statement of the accused



被害人的诉讼代理人victim’s agent ad litem

被上诉人respondent; the appellee


被申请执行人party against whom execution is filed

被执行人person subject to enforcement

本诉principal action

必要共同诉讼人party in necessary co-litigation

变通管辖jurisdiction by accord


辩护律师defense attorney/lawyer


辩护证据exculpatory evidence; defense evidence

辩论阶段stage of court debate

驳回反诉dismiss a counterclaim; reject a counterclaim

驳回请求deny/dismiss a motion

驳回上诉、维持原判reject/dismiss the appeal and sustain the original judgement/ruling

驳回诉讼dismiss an action/suit

驳回通知书notice of dismissal

驳回自诉dismiss/reject a private prosecution

驳回自诉裁定书ruling of dismissing private-prosecuting case

补充答辩supplementary answer

补充判决supplementary judgement

补充侦查supplementary investigation

不公开审理trial in camera

不立案决定书written decision of no case-filing

不批准逮捕决定书written decision of disapproving an arrest

不起诉nol pros

不予受理起诉通知书notice of dismissal of accusation by the court

财产保全申请书application for attachment; application for property preservation

裁定order; determination

裁定管辖jurisdiction by order

裁定书order; ruling


采信的证据admitted evidence

查封seal up

撤回上诉withdraw appeal

撤诉withdraw a lawsuit

撤销立案revoke a case placed on file

撤销原判,发回重审 rescind the original judgement and remand the case ro the original court for retrial


除权判决invalidating judgement

传唤summon; call


答辩answer; reply

答辩陈述书statement of defence

答辩状answer; reply

大法官associate justices; justice

大检察官deputy chief procurator

代理控告agency for accusation

代理申诉agency for appeal

代理审判员acting judge

代为申请取保候审agency for application of the bail pending trial with restricted liberty of moving

弹劾式诉讼accusatory procedure

当事人陈述statement of the parties

当庭宣判pronouncement of judgement or sentence in court

地区管辖territorial jurisdiction

地区检察分院inter-mediate People’s Procuratorate

第三人third party

调查笔录record of investigation

定期宣判 pronouncement of judgement or sentence later on a fixed date

定罪证据incriminating evidence; inculpatory evidence


督促程序procedure of supervision and urge

独任庭sole-judge bench

独任仲裁员sole arbitrator

对妨碍民事诉讼的强制措施compulsory measures against impairment of civil action

对席判决judgement inter parties

二审trial of second instance

二审案件case of trial of second insurance

罚款impose a fine

法定证据statutory legal evidence

法定证据制度system of legal evidence


法警bailiff; court police

法律文书legal instruments/papers

法律援助legal aid

法律咨询legal consulting

法庭辩论court debate

法庭调查court investigation

法庭审理笔录court record

法庭审理方式mode of court trial

法庭庭长chief judge of a tribunal


法院公告court announcement


反诉答辩状answer with counterclaim


犯罪嫌疑人criminal suspect

附带民事诉讼案件a collateral civil action

附带民事诉讼被告defendant of collateral civil action

复查reexamination; recheck


高级法官senior judge

高级检察官senior procurator

高级人民法院Higher People’s Court

告诉案件case of complaint

告诉才处理的案件case accepted at complaint

告诉申诉庭complaint and petition division

工读学校work-study school for delinquent children

公安部Ministry of Public Security

公安分局public security sub-bureau

公安厅public security bureau at the levels of provinces, autonomous regions and cities under direct jurisdiction of central government

公开审理trial in public

公开审判制度open trial system

公示催告程序procedure of public summons for exhortation

公诉案件public-prosecuting case

公诉词statement of public prosecution

公证机关public notary office

共同管辖concurrent jurisdiction


国际司法协助international judicial assistance

海事法院maritime court

合议庭collegial panel

合议庭评议笔录record of deliberating by the collegiate bench

和解composition; compromise

核对诉讼当事人身份check identity of litigious parties

恢复执行resumption of execution


混合式诉讼mixed action

基层人民法院basic People’s Court

羁押期限term in custody

级别管辖subject matter jurisdiction of courts at different levels

监视居住living at home under surveillance



检察权prosecutorial power

检察委员会procuratorial/prosecutorial committee


检察院派出机构outpost tribunal of procuratorate

简易程序summary procedure

鉴定结论expert conclusion

经济审判庭economic tribunal

径行判决direct adjudication without sessions; judgement without notice

纠问式诉讼inquisitional proceedings

拘传summon by force; summon by warrant

拘留所detention house

举报information/report of an offence

举证责任burden of proof; onus probandi


军事法院military procuratorate

开庭审理open a court session

开庭通知notice of court session

勘验笔录record of inquest

看管所detention house

可执行财产executable property

控告式诉讼accusatory proceedings

控诉证据incriminating evidence

控诉职能accusation function

扣押distrain on; attachment


宽限期period of grace

劳动争议仲裁申请书petition for labor dispute arbitration

劳改场reform-through-labor farm

劳教所reeducation-through-labor office

类推判决的核准程序procedure for examination and approval of analogical sentence

累积证据cumulative evidence

立案报告place a case on file

立案管辖functional jurisdiction

立案决定书written decision of case-filing

立案侦查report of placing a case on file

利害关系人interested party

临时裁决书interim award

律师见证书lawyer’s written attestation; lawyer’s written authentication

律师事务所law office; law firm

律师提前介入prior intervention by lawyer

免于刑事处分exemption from criminal penalty

民事案件civil case

民事审判庭civil tribunal

民事诉讼civil action

民事诉讼法Civil Procedural Law

扭送seize and deliver a suspect to the police

派出法庭detached tribunal

派出所police station

判决judgement; determination

判决书judgement; determination; verdict

旁证circumstantial evidence


批准逮捕approval of arrest

破案clear up a criminal case; solve a criminal case

破产bankruptcy; insolvency

普通程序general/ordinary procedure

普通管辖general jurisdiction

企业法人破产还债程序procedure of bankruptcy and liquidation of a business corporation

起诉filing of a lawsuit

起诉sue; litigate; prosecute; institution of proceedings

起诉状indictment; information

区县检察院grassroots People’s Procuratorate

取保候审the bail pending trial with restricted liberty of moving

缺席判决default judgement

人民调解委员会People’s Mediation Committee

认定财产无主案件cases concerning determination of property as qwnerless

认定公民无民事行为能力、限制民事行为能力案件cases concerning determination of a citizen as incompetent or with limited disposing capacity



上诉状petition for appeal

少管所juvenile prison

社会治安综合治理comprehensive treatment of social security

涉外案件cases involving foreign interests

涉外民事诉讼foreign civil proceedings

涉外刑事诉讼foreign criminal proceedings

申请人applicant; petitioner

申请书petition; application for arbitration

申请执行人execution applicant

申诉人宣誓书claimant’s affidavit of authenticity

申诉书appeal for revision; petition for revision

神示证据制度system of divinity evidence

神示制度ordeal system

审查案件case review

审查并决定逮捕examine and decide arrest

审查起诉阶段stage of review and prosecution

审理通知书notice of hearing


esiding judge

审判长公布开庭presiding judge announce court in session

审判管辖adjudgement/trial jurisdiction

审判监督程序procedure for trial supervision

审判委员会judicial committee


审问式诉讼inquisitional proceedings

生效判决裁定legally effective judgement/order

胜诉方winning party

省市自治区检察院higher People’s Procuratorate

失踪和死亡宣告declaration of disappearance and death

实体证据substantial evidence

实物证据tangible evidence

实在证据real evidence

示意证据demonstrative evidence

视听证据audio-visual evidence

收容所collecting post; safe retreat

首席大法官chief justice

首席检察官chief procurator

受害人的近亲属victim’s immediate family


受理刑事案件审批表registration form of acceptance of criminal case

受送达人the addressee

书记员court clerk

书记员宣读法庭纪律court clerk reads court rules

书证documentary evidence

司法部Ministry of Justice

司法机关judicial organizatons

司法警察judicial police

司法局judicial bureau

司法厅judicial bureau at the levels of provinces, autonomous regions, and cities under direct jurisdiction of central government

司法协助judicial assistance

死缓的复核judicial review of death sentence with a retrieve

死刑复核程序procedure for judicial review of death sentence

死刑复核权competence for judicial review of death sentence

送达service of process

送达传票service of summons/subpoena

送达诉状service of bill of complaint


诉sue; suit; action; lawsuit

诉前财产保全property attachment prior to lawsuit

诉讼litigation; lawsuit; sue; action


诉讼参加人litigious participants

诉讼代理人agent ad litem

诉状complaint; bill of complaint; state of claim

非凡程序special procedures

提起公诉institute a public prosecution

铁路法院railway court

铁路检察院railroad transport procuratorate

庭审程序procedure of court trial

通缉wanted for arrest


退回补充侦查return of a case for supplementary investigation

委托辩护entrusted defense

未成年人法庭juvenile court

无行政职务的法官associate judge

无正当理由拒不到庭refuse to appear in court without due cause

无罪判决acquittal, finding of “ not guilty ”

物证material evidence

先予执行申请书application for advanced execution

先予执行advanced execution

刑事案件criminal case

刑事拘留criminal detention

刑事强制拘留criminal coercive/compulsory measures

刑事审判庭criminal tribunal

刑事诉讼criminal proceedings

刑事诉讼法Criminal Procedural Law

刑事自诉状self-incriminating criminal complaint

行政案件administrative case

行政审判庭administrative tribunal

行政诉讼administrative proceedings

行政诉讼法Administrative Procedural Law

宣告失踪、宣告死亡案件cases concerning the declaration of disappearance and death

宣判笔录record of rendition of judgement

选民资格案件cases concerning qualifications of voters

询问证人inquire/question a witness


问笔录record of interrogation

询问犯罪嫌疑人interrogate criminal suspect

言词证据verbal evidence

要求传唤证人申请书application for subpoena

一裁终局arbitration award shall be final and binding

一审trial of first instance

一审案件case of trial of first instance

应诉通知书notice of respondence to action

有罪判决sentence; finding of “guilty”

予审preliminary examinantion; pretrial


院长court president

阅卷笔录record of file review

再审案件case of retrial

再审申请书petition for retrial

责令具结悔过order to sign a statement of repentance

债权人会议creditors’ meeting

侦查阶段investigation stage

侦查终结conclusion of investigation

征询原、被告最后意见consulting final opinion of the plaintiff and defendant


证据保全preserve evidence

证据保全申请书application for evidence preservation

证人证言testimony of witness; affidavit

支付令payment order/warrant

知识产权庭intellectual property tribunal

执行程序procedure execution

执行逮捕execution of arrest

执行和解conciliation of execution

执行回转recovery of execution

执行庭executive tribunal

执行异议objection to execution


执行中止discontinuance of execution

执行终结conclusion of execution

指定辩护appointed defense

指定仲裁员声明statement of appointing arbitrator

中级人民法院intermediate People’s Court

中途退庭retreat during court session without permission


仲裁被诉人respondent; defendant



仲裁申诉人claimant; plaintiff

仲裁庭arbitration tribunal

仲裁委员会arbitration committee

仲裁协议arbitration agreement; clauses of arbitration


主诉检察官principal procurator

助理检察官assistant procurator

助理审判员assistant judge

专门法院special court

专门管辖specific jurisdiction

专属管辖exclusive jurisdiction

追究刑事责任investigate for criminal responsibility

自首confession to justice

自诉案件private-prosecuting case


自由心证制度doctrine of discretional evaluation of evidence

自侦案件self-investigating case

最高人民法院the Supreme People’s Court

最高人民检察院the Supreme People’s Procuratorate

最后裁决书final award