民法通则 General Principles of the Civil Law
民事权益 civil rights and interests
平等主体 civil subjects with equal status
财产关系和人身关系 property relationships and personal relationships
等价有偿 making compensation for equal value
诚实信用 honesty and credibility
适用中国法律 be governed by the law of PRC (The law of PRC shall apply to)
法律另有规定 otherwise stipulated by law
无国籍人 stateless persons
民事权利能力 the capacity for civil rights
完全民事权利能力 full capacity for civil conduct
限制民事行为能力人 a person with limited capacity for civil conduct
无民事行为能力人 a person having no capacity for civil conduct
法定代理人 agent ad litem
代理民事活动 be represented in civil activities by
监护人 guardian
户籍所在地 the place where his residence is registered
住所 domicile
经常居住地 habitual residence
居民委员会 the neighborhood committee
村民委员会 the village committee
民政部门 the civil affairs department
履行监护职责 fulfill duty of guardianship
承担责任 be held responsible
造成财产损失 cause any property loss
宣告为无(限制)民事行为能力人 declare … to be a person to be without or with limited capacity for civil conduct
下落不明 one’s whereabouts have been unknown
个体工商户 individual businesses
农村承包经营户 Lease holding farm households
个人合伙 individual partnership
合伙人 partner
承担民事责任 bear civil liability for
按照出资比例 in proportion to one’s respective contributions to the investment
承担连带责任 undertake joint liability for
追偿 claim compensation from
法人 legal person
法人组织章程 the articles of association of the legal person
主要办事机构 the main administrative office
全民所有制企业 an enterprise owned by the whole people
集体所有制企业 an enterprise under collective ownership
经主管机关核准登记 approved and registered by the competent authority
工商行政管理机关 the administrative agency for industry and commerce
核准登记的经营范围 within the range approved and registered
企业法人分立、合并 the division and merger of an enterprise as legal person
权利和义务 the rights and www.legaltranz.com obligations
办理注销登记 cancel the registration
企业法人解散 disbanding of an enterprise as legal person
企业法人被撤销 the dissolution of an enterprise as legal person
事业单位 institution
社会团体 social organization
经济实体 economic entity
取得法人资格 be qualified as a legal person
意思表示真实 the intention expressed is genuine
擅自变更或者解除(民事法律行为) alter or rescind one’s act arbitrarily
以欺诈、胁迫的手段 as a result of cheating or coercion
乘人之危 take advantage of one’s unfavorable position
以合法形式掩盖非法目的 perform under the guise of legitimate acts which conceal illegitimate purposes
具有法律约束力 be legally binding
请求人民法院或者仲裁机关予以变更 request a people’s court or an arbitration agency to alter
恶意串通 conspire maliciously
有过错的一方 the erring party
附条件的民事法律行为 conditional civil juristic acts
委托代理 entrusted agency
法定代理 statutory agency
指定代理 appointed agency
委托代理人 an entrusted agent
被代理人 the principal
行使代理权 exercise the power of agency
采用书面形式 in writing
超越代理权 beyond the scope of one’s power of agency
代理权终止 the expiration of one’s power of agency
本人名义 in one’s name
查封、扣押、冻结、没收 seize, encroach upon, privately divide, destroy or illegally seal up, distrain, freeze or confiscate
财产继承权 the right of inheritance
优先购买的权利 a right of pre-emption
埋藏物、隐藏物 buried or concealed object
遗失物、漂流物 lost-and-found objects, flotsam
买卖、出租、抵押、转让 be sold, leased, mortgaged or transferred
设立、变更、终止民事关系 establish, change or terminate civil relationship
按照确定的份额分享权力 be entitled to rights in proportion to his proper share of the credit
按照确定的份额分担义务 assume obligations in proportion to his proper share of the debt
享有连带权利的每个债权人 each of the joint creditors
负有连带义务的每个债务人 each of the joint debtors
有权向债务人追偿 have the right to claim repayment from the debtor
提供一定的财产作为抵押物 offer a specific property as a pledge
以抵押物折价或者以变卖抵押物的价款优先得到偿还 to keep the pledge to offset the debt or have priority in satisfying his claim out of the proceeds from the sale of the pledge
给付定金 leave a deposit with the other party
双倍返还定金 repay the deposit in double
占有人有权留置该财产 the possessor shall have a lien on the property
将合同的权利、义务全部或部分转让给第三人 transfer all or part of its contractual rights or obligations to a third party
取得不当得利 profits acquired improperly and without a lawful basis
无因管理 act as manager or provide services in order to protect another person’s interests when he is not legally or contractually obligated to do so