人 persons

The concept of artificial personality having thus been invented in Western law, it came to be applied to a variety of entities both human and non-human. 在西方国家的法律中,法人人格这一概念就这样发明出来了;于是,它逐渐被适用于许多不同的实体 – 人的实体和非人的实体。

加拿大新闻事业管理法 Controls of the News Industry in Canada

The courts are enforcing acts or rights recognized in the applicable laws, and to that end, they are the vehicle for a form of control on the news industry used by any person or the state, where the laws allow. 法院实施有关法律所承认的行为和权利;为此,在法律许可的范围内,法院乃是任何个人或国家用以对新闻业进行某种形式管理的工具。

“不当”的含义 What is Unfair?

No general formula can tell us what conduct is morally offensive and thus unfair, for a great deal depends on the cultural traditions of the country and the current problems of commercial life; besides, views change. 没有一条通用的公式能告诉我们:什么行为是违反道德的从而也是不正当的,因为事情大部分取决于本国的文化传统和当前商业生活中的问题,何况,观点又在变化。