伪造支票 Check Forgery

看到有人在一张支票上冒签了他人姓名就接着攫取了那张被伪造的支票并拿到银行去兑现的人,已经使用了伪造的文书 – 这也是一种犯罪。The man who sees someone else forge your name to a check, and then snatches the forged check, takes it to a bank and cashes it has uttered a forged document, which is also a criminal offense.

支票 checks

Check certification is an action of a bank in which, at the request of either the depositor or the holder, the bank acknowledges and guarantees that sufficient funds will be withheld from the drawer’s account to pay the amount stated on the check. 对支票进行保付,乃是银行的一种行为 – 银行应其存户或持票人之请求,承认并保证会从出票人的账上扣下足以支付支票票面金额的款项。