majority 与 plurality 的翻译都含有“多数”的意思。majority 指超过半数的多数。plurality 指的是没有超过半数的多数,或称相对多数(relative majority)。

A majority, also known as a simple majority in the U.S., is a subset of a group consisting of more than half of the group. This should not be confused with a plurality, which is a subset having the largest number of parts.

A plurality is not necessarily a majority, as the largest subset may be less than half of the entire group. In British English, majority and plurality are often used as synonyms;


举例:She won the election by a clear majority, gaining 65 of the l00 votes cast.(她以明显的多数赢得选举,在所投的100张票中得了650票。) plurality就不能替代这个句子中的majority。

同样的道理,“压倒多数”,只能译为overwhelming majority,而不可译为overwhelming plurality。因为连半数都没有超过,就算不了“压倒”。