保险 Insurance

In many trials, the heart of the issue was whether what the insured stated in his application, or his policy, constituted a “warranty” or not. 在许多庭审中,问题的核心是:被保险人写在投保申请书中或保险单上的陈述是否构成“保证条款”?

合同翻译经典句型荟萃 保险部分

If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations within thirty (30) days after one Party has issued notice to the other Party requesting the commencement of such negotiations, then either Party may submit it to the Singapore International Arbitration Center (the “Arbitration Institute”) for arbitration in accordance with the UNCITRAL rules of arbitration then in effect and the following provisions: 如果在一方向另一方发出要求就争议开始进行谈判的书面通知后三十(30)日内,争议未能得到解决,则任何一方均可将争议提交新加坡国际仲裁中心(“仲裁机构”),由仲裁机构根据其时有效的联合国际贸易法委员会的仲裁规则和下列规定进行仲裁: