CIF合同 CIF Contracts

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A seller who ships goods in accordance with the requirements of a CIF contract fulfils his obligations when he tenders the shipping documents required, and he can require payment on that tender although the goods are lost or damaged before delivering to the buyer. 按照CIF合同的规定,装货的卖方,在递交必要的装货单据之时,就履行了他的义务并可据此要求付款 – 虽在向买方交货前货物业已灭失或损坏者也是如此。

The buyer may be able to pursue any remedies he has against the carrier of the goods or the ship owner, or the insurer but not the seller of the goods. 买方可向货物运输人、船东或保险人却不得向卖方要求其应得的补救。