LOUIS: You caught the discrepancies between “listed assets” and “potential assets.”


A listed asset is anything owned by a company that is accounted for by their balance sheet.

A potential asset is something that might be owned by a company in the future. As it is not yet realized, it is not accounted for on their balance sheet.






      1. You wanted to see me?
        Sit down. I looked through your work on the Bainbridge briefs. Spectacular. You caught the discrepancies between “listed assets” and “potential assets.” That had a huge impact, Mike.
        Yeah. I know. Millions. But anyone would have caught that, right?
        Um, out of the 50 associates that are under my purview, not one of them would have caught that. You just have this eye for detail, Mike. I mean, no wonder why Harvey is so crazy about you. It’s amazing. I mean, I really, really, seriously appreciate that.
        Hey, thank you, Louis. That… That’s nice.
        You know that I pick a pony out of the herd every year, don’t you?
        A pony?
        Oh, yeah. Someone who shows potential. Stamp my own little brand on him. Mmm. Are you that pony, Mike?
        I work for Harvey.
        As you should.
        Well, listen, I have some work to get to. So, maybe we can, uh, meet for lunch tomorrow at the club, say 1:00 p.m.?
        Uh, you know, tomorrow…
        I know I just posed that as a question, but I really didn’t mean it that way.