HARVEY: Hey. If you guys were playing tennis all morning, how did you have time to file this?


  • black and white 白纸黑字
  • interference claim 抵触声明
  • up top 击掌
  • fraternity 大学生联谊会
  • barge in 闯入
  • headband 头巾






      1. How’s it going with Harvey?
        Me? Uh, it’s… You know, it’s good. I’m learning. A lot of learning. Bye.
        What’s black and white and going to cost you dearly?
        Took me all morning to file this, Golden Boy. You owe me. And I won’t forget it.
        Oh, God. Thank you. You smell papery.
        Wyatt, it doesn’t happen immediately. The paperwork is coming. Don’t worry about it, okay?
        Boom. There you go. Look at that.
        Wyatt, let me call you back. Okay? Five minutes. Bye. What’s this?
        What is this? That’s confirmation of the interference claim, which I proofed. Up top.
        What, you think you’re working in a fraternity? You don’t barge in here when I’m on the phone. And why are you so flush?
        Why am I so what?
        Your face is red. Looks like you’ve been in the sun.
        Um, yeah, I, uh… This morning, Louis, uh, took me to the tennis club.
        He didn’t give you the speech about the ponies, did he?
        Oh, my God.
        How he likes to cut one from the herd?
        The ponies.
        Was he wearing the headband?
        You know about the headband? With the… Oh, my God. Are you kidding me with that guy?
        Hey. If you guys were playing tennis all morning, how did you have time to file this?
        Uh… He… It was… This morning, actually, I was on the phone with them, uh, and Louis helped me.
        Look at me.
        And he did this snapping thing, and Gregory…
        Look at me. You’re high. Get out.
        Harvey, you don’t understand. Louis…
        Out. Donna? Get Wyatt back on the line?